Frequently asked Questions:


Why choose ActiveCare Physical Therapy?

With 20 yrs. of experience as a Physical Therapist, Steve Loomis has developed an exceptional ability to determine the cause and origin of discomfort that is often missed by other providers. Often patients come to ActiveCare Physical Therapy Associates reporting they have been treated for long periods of time elsewhere with limited results and then find significant improvements in their symptoms after being assessed and starting treatment with us.  Our sessions are one on one with the treating therapist and we generally find people make quicker gains then at other facilities in part due to our individualized attention.


What should I wear to PT?  

You should wear loss, comfortably clothes that will allow the Therapist to assess the body part you’re having treated and allow you to perform exercise comfortably. Wearing or bringing shorts is helpful for lower extremity issues, and tank tops of loss fitting T-shirts for neck, shoulder or upper extremity issues.  Athletic shoes are helpful for most exercise programs, regardless of the body part being treated, and please always wear or bring socks.

NOTE: Please do not wear turtle necks when having treatment on your neck or shoulders.


How long is a session at ActiveCare Physical Therapy?

The Evaluation (first session) will be 60 min. in length. Subsequent sessions will be between 45 and 60 min. depending on your tolerance, what needs to be accomplished that day, and your response to treatment.


How long is a course of treatment?

The length of a course of treatment will vary depending on your condition, other medical issues, your response to treatment, your ability to manage the condition on your own as you progress, and potentially on your insurance benefits. Length of the course of treatment can be discussed in greater detail after you have been evaluated and your Therapist has a better understanding of your current medical situation.


What insurance is accepted at ActiveCare Physcial Therapy Associates?

We accept Medicare, all Blue Cross policies, Workers compensation, auto accident claims, and most other major medical insurance policies. We are not providers for Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, MassHealth, or Neighborhood Health.

NOTE: Some Tufts and Harvard Pilgrim policies have Out Of Network benefits that you may be able to use to receive care from ActiveCare Physical Therapy Associates.


What are you hours of operation?

We are open Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. by appointment only.


I am planning on having surgery, when should I schedule my Evaluation?

You should discuss with your surgeon how soon after surgery you can start PT and call to schedule your first session with us before your procedure. If you wait until after your first follow-up appointment with your Dr. after your surgery to contact us, there may be a delay in starting PT due to our busy patient schedule.