“The exercise Steve, at ActiveCare Physical Therapy, recommended I do to correct a balance problem have more than benefited me. These easy to do exercises have alleviated a severe problem of swollen ankles and legs caused by Lymphedema.  I now stand for longer periods of time and walk greater distances without pain.  ActiveCare offers individual therapy far superior to other facilities.  Being treated one-on one avoids the distraction of sharing a room with others.  Steve tailors your therapy to meet each person’s needs which encourages self-confidence.”
– B.A., South Dennis

I am writing this note to thank you Steve.  I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been to four different therapists over the years, not just on Cape but also in Worcester, for back pain with little positive results.  The way you have set up my individual workouts have made all the difference in the world.  The quality of my life has greatly improved, along with my golf game.
Thanks again,
– D.A., Dennis

“Over the years Steve Loomis has successfully treated my wife and I six times for various injuries  but this last  ailment was textbook. I suffered chronic foot pain for five years  due to a gym injury. Nine medical professionals either admitted they did not have a clue what was wrong or misdiagnosed it. Steve successfully diagnosed it at once, prescribed a curative treatment, and I am now gratefully pain free. I should have gone to him in the first place! ”
– F.T. , Brewster


“Steve Loomis was recommended to me by my orthopedist. I had Impingement in my shoulder with severe pain and very limited range of motion.  After a Cortisone injection, I was able to start physical therapy. Steve examined my shoulder and set up a series of exercises that he explained and demonstrated.  I worked on the program he set up for me and within a little over a month I had full range of motion and no pain in that shoulder.  I would highly recommend Steve.  He is professional, highly knowledgeable, easy to talk to, explains everything, and answers your questions.”   – Annonymous


“I have been to 3-4 other PT’s and they were nothing like working with Steve. Going to ActiveCare is the first time I have looked forward to going to PT rather than dreading it.  It is because Steve takes such an interest in me and see’s no other clients while I am there.  Every exercise is designed for me.  I have improved after two days with him by my side as I exercise.  This is the first time I do every one of my exercises since I really see the difference.  He is so invested in my recovery it makes me want to work at it.  If you are having a problem and need PT PLEASE try Steve.  He is fantastic!”     -Annonymous



Letter sent to two MD’s, copy sent to ActiveCare Physical Therapy

To Dr. Susan xxxxx and Bob xxxxxxxxx

For the file:


I am F.T., a patient of yours who hurt my foot in a gym in 3/09 and I have had sporadic but serious pain since. I have been to nine other clinicians, had 27 X-rays and an MRI all of which were negative and could find no affirmative diagnosis or treatment.

Two years ago you both fortunately diagnosed it as metatarsalgia but there was no curative treatment and the pain persisted, worsening this year. My latest visit with. Dr. xxxxxxx fortunately resulted in her recommending physical therapy and so I contacted Steve Loomis in Dennis, a highly qualified professional who has done wonders for myself and my wife several times previously.

Significantly, while we were first on the telephone Steve suspected I did not suffer from metatarsalgia because it is usually a weight bearing pain while I could walk long distances without pain, play golf, ect. But metatarsalgia at the ball of my foot was the site of my distress.  However, my chief symptoms were pain after sitting in a recliner using a foot rest, and getting out of bed after sleeping on my side. (Most long sits as in a car produced the pain).

From this Steve concluded my problem is sciatica and he eliminated the pain immediately. I have barely a twinge in three weeks.  He ordered two changes in posture, both very therapeutic: sit without using the foot rest, feet on the floor: and since I am a side sleeper put a pillow between my legs to keep my legs on the same plane as my spine, reducing pressure on the spine.  Plus three exercises to diminish pressure on the sciatica.  For years the pain radiated through my foot and sometimes flared in one spot and later in another; when I saw a diagram of the sciatic branching throughout the foot the diagnosis made sense even to me!

Three visits and we are finished-hopefully. I am grateful you both identified metatarsalgia as the site of the pain even if sciatica is the root cause and above all to Dr.xxxxxx for recommending PT.  I felt you should have this information should I ever need a follow-up.  I feel blessed to be free of this most aggravating injury.

F.T., Dennis